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Welcome to GoldWing For Sale! This is a privately owned website operated by a motorcyclist that appreciates Honda Goldwings. No big company behind this, no fees for buyers or sellers. In fact, here Honda GoldWing owners have direct access to a convenient, effective, no-cost way to sell their used GoldWing motorcycles and trikes.

Buyers deal direct with sellers. All bikes are for sale by owner. All ads and photos are pre-screened before posting*. Also offerered are GoldWing repair manuals, GoldWing accessories and Honda Apparel.

To list your Honda GoldWing for sale on this site, just fill out the contact form to start your free listing today.  Donations are welcome, my goal is for your sale to be successful and for you to be pleased with the service provided here.

Simply put, this website offers one of the best ways to get your motorcycle ad seen by people that are looking specifically for a Honda GoldWing or GoldWing Trike.  To get started, go to my contact page to submit your ad.

About the Honda GoldWing:

The Honda GoldWing is recognized as the top-of-the-line touring motorcycle. Here is your chance to own one of these awesome motorcycles, trikes or maybe to upgrade yours with some extra chrome parts and accessories.

Honda launched the GoldWing in 1975 with a 999CC engine.  The first model, called the GL1000, was targeted towards the American market as a potential replacement for the CB750.  In 1981, Honda began building GoldWings in the US at their factory in Marysville, Ohio.  Now, GoldWing producton has been relocated to Japan.  You won’t find a 2011 GoldWing for sale because they skipped that model year as productionof the 2012 models started in Japan. The 2012 Japanese-built GoldWings have updated electronics and some additional convenience features rather than a radical redesign. Expect a new GoldWing to come out in the near future from the Japanese factory.


* While each and every listing is manually pre-screened and our record is impeccable, we do encourage buyers to exercise normal caution when dealing with sellers that they do not personally know. If a buyer has any complaints about a listing, please contact us immediately to let us know. There is zero tolerance for misleading listings and these will be dealt with immediately upon any complaint received.